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About us

Hi and well met! 


Grumpy Geeks are piloted by Patrick & Jacob (aka Mr Viking and Buu) - a pair of friends geeking out with inks and prints. We are based down yonder in the Mazovia region of Poland.

We design and print all our t-shirts ourselves. From sketching up the ideas and working out the desings, to mixing inks, building our own screen printing frames and applying the final print - every single item we sell is 100% made inside our small, home-based workshop.

We are totally hooked on the Geek culture - movies, books, TOLKIEN books, computers (and, erhm... - consoles), video games, internet memes, TOLKIEN books, TV shows, tech&science, TOLKIEN books - you name it! We devour tons and tons of it each day, and only recently did we learn how to channel our nerdy fantasies with the use of inks and fabrics. Started off by making t-shirts for ourselves (built our very first frame from a piece of lath and an old sheer curtain), but shortly after (thanks to the positive feedback we received from our friends) we decided to share our prints with the Geeks of the world!

We are super excited to be starting our own e-store and look forward to meeting some amazing Geeks from all over the world.


Grumpy Geeks do what they like and they like what they do. Enjoy!

Fast shipping!

Our t-shirts are never late, nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to!*

*but seriously it's quite fast, check out our delivery times.


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Hi Geeks! 

We are closing our store for Christmas. It's been a wonderful yet super busy year for us and we decided to take several weeks off and spend some quality time with our families and friends. The shipping services we use are overburdened anyway, and they can no longer guarantee a timely delivery. We would rather not ship at all than ship and cause disappointment with delays and cancellations.

Anyhow, have a beautiful Christmas and an even geekier New Year! See you all in 2019.

Warm regards,
Grumpy Geeks

PS. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us either via the built-in convo engine, or at - we will still answer emails and inquiries! xx

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