D20 Adventurer Men's t-shirt

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The perfect Dungeon Master's t-shirt, inspired by and dedicated to tabletop gamers!

What is it about RPGs that you enjoy most? Epic adventures? Piles of precious loot? Becoming someone else?Or perhaps the old fashioned dice-rolling, goblin-smashing, inn-crawling session alongside a group of close friends? Whatever floats your boat and fuels your spaceship, this t-shirt will help you show off your hobby to all the fellow Tabletop Adventurers of the world. 

This t-shirt was printed by hand, using environment-friendly inks and a self-made printing screen. The print has been cured in a heat-press machine, for a smooth and matte finish.

Men's Classic fit
100% preshrunk cotton
185 g/m2
Colour: Black
Sizes: S-XXXL


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