Koszulka męska Board Gamer

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The perfect board gamer's t-shirt, inspired by and dedicated to tabletop gamers!

Are you a board gamer? Yes? Then there is a pretty big chance you enjoy rolling dice, eh? You know the moment the die is cast, dancing on the table, bouncing and swirling, in what seems to be an eternity but in truth lasts for a few seconds at the most?

In that brief moment the life or welfare of your character (fellowship/team/crew/faction/whatever you're playing at the moment) hangs in the balance, enchanted within the rolling cube. Well here's our new design, dedicated to all you boardgaming daredevils, whose hands begin to sweat and whose adrenaline levels tend to skyrocket whenever the dice hit the table. Keep on rolling and keep on winning!

This t-shirt was printed by hand, using environment-friendly inks and a self-made printing screen. The print has been cured in a heat-press machine, for a smooth and matte finish.

Men's Classic fit
100% preshrunk cotton
185 g/m2
Colour: Black
Sizes: S-XXXL


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